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Founded in July 2013 By Eli Kingsford Mawuli (Director King); a Filmmaker & Talent Coach, Ghana Casting (Xford Talent Foundation) is an incorporated platform, dedicated to building and Promoting Talents (actors/Models) as Professionals for easy access to acting & commercial jobs in the creative industry for both local and international markets. 

Our Mission as a Talent Foundation is to discover, harness and promote talents with creative gifts as we provide them paid avenues to impact the world with their professional skills. We do not only experience a fulfilled life when we discover our creative talents, but we glorify the giver (God) as we put them to use by impacting the lives of countless people beyond our visible reach. The brilliant composition of lyrics, choreography, Poetry, the witty narration of Parables (as Jesus did), the writing of a believable screenplay for actors' Performances among others, are all gift of creative Talents with a Purpose from above, and we are bound to use them to affect lives positively.

As a Talent Agency, Our Vision is serve as a reliable talent portal where both local and international filmmakers can easily find and hire professional actors & models for their various projects. We aim to bridge the gap between Filmmakers and talents, where struggling to find professional casts for any challenging project becomes a thing of the past.

We consider these three (3) basic processes to ensure the effectiveness of our platform. 
We always verify the Skill level of Actors & Models as they apply, before promoting them as Professionals for challenging role calls. The less skilled and inexperinced ones are promoted as "Beginners" for extras or less demanding roles as they pasrticipate in sponsored training programs to enhance their skills and boost their experince to become professionals.
Brand Building
We shoot appropriate Portfolios, headshots and short films as REEL to showcase the talent)
Brand Promotion
We place your portfolio on ghana and market you for jobs across the film, fashion and corporate industries.

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